Updated 03/30/2020

Throughout this evolving coronavirus pandemic, our first job remains to protect the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and partners.

We’re facing this public health challenge together. Our teams are working hard every day to keep supporting our customers while maintaining the highest level of safety. Here are some of the things we’re doing to look out for our customers in the midst of this pandemic.

Supply chain. We are proactively managing our supply chain by working with suppliers and vendors to ensure our customers are not impacted by the current situation. Raw materials, procurement and transportation remain unimpeded, while production is in normal mode. This is a dynamic environment and we will continue to monitor and provide update as needed.

Safeguarding employees. As part of BASF’s pandemic preparedness planning, we are taking additional measures at all sites to minimize and limit exposure to employees and to maintain safe site and office operations. These measures include employees working from home if their job allows, increased social distancing, health screenings, including temperature scans, and increased cleaning and hygiene measures.

No site closures.We are working with state, province and local regulators to allow the continued operations of our facilities, while ensuring the safety of our employees. We are taking additional precautionary safety steps across our sites to ensure safety and business continuity so we can continue to deliver for our customers.

Ours is an essential business. BASF is part of the critical infrastructure in the region that plays a critical role in the chemical sector and the supply chain. As such, we are required to keep manufacturing and shipping products to our business partners in a safe and timely manner, and advancing important R&D in support of our activities.

Rest assured, throughout this crisis and beyond, we’re working every day to support your everyday needs. As always, our sales and customer care representatives are standing by to address any questions or concerns that you may have.