Surely we can all relate to the drawn-out construction project. Especially in today’s climate, some seem as if they might be dragged out indefinitely.

This however is certainly not the case with a recent project in Virginia, won by WBA Bridge and Highway Regional Sales Manager, Jeremy Childers. Jeremy successfully negotiated a Fast track maintenance and preservation project with Virginia DOT.

I-64 and I-664 Interchange in Hampton, Virginia, is a massive thoroughfare, known as the Hampton Roads Beltway. This Beltway will be the new home to a suite of high-performance bridge and highway expansion joints from WBA.

Given the green light, WBA supplied nearly 350 linear feet of Wabo®SPS, a durable preformed silicone seal; another 700 linear feet of Wabo®TransFlex, a steel-reinforced segmental rubber plate system; and finally another 470 feet of Wabo®StripSeal fabricated steel joint system.

Proper systems were specified for their comprehensive and dynamic nature to meet the varying requirements of different locations on the Beltway. Also a consideration was installation ease and speed of systems to minimize downtime and ensure the project crosses the finish line quickly.