Replacement of Decades-old Joint Systems Adds to WBA’s Winning Record in Ohio Stadium

FirstEnergy Stadium in Ohio, home to the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, is now home to a package of brand-new WBA expansion joint systems as well.

Installed over 20 years ago, in 1999, the original team of Wabo®SafetyFlex and Jeene® expansion joint systems worked in tandem to accommodate structural movement and waterproofing, while allowing safe pedestrian passage through the stadium.

Today, the arena and her joint systems enjoy a refresh. After winning the expansion joint bid to replace the veteran systems, WBA/MBCC Group customer Kapton Caulking recently installed over 3,000 feet of Wabo®HSeal and SafetyFlex to trade the original Wabo systems package.

This fast-track project addresses the growing needs in both movement and safety of the structure and Browns fans alike.

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