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Installation Manuals appear on product pages in the dropdown areas under the main product image. In this area, installation procedures are listed by model (in most cases) along with CAD drawings. Alternatively, we've built a standalone Installation Manuals Library under Resources. Some products will have Installation Manual videos as well. Happy hunting!

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Wabo®Crete II is a 3 component elastomeric concrete material that utilizes a two-part polyurethane and an aggregate to extend the yield. Wabo®Crete II is typically used as a header in conjunction with a joint system. It absorbs impact and prevents edge spalling.

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One unit will yield 1030 cubic inches or .6 cubic feet.

Pre-mix Part B for 25-30 seconds. Pour Part B into a clean 5-gallon bucket and add Part A. Mix the two components for 25-30 seconds. Add Part C for approximately 1- 1-1/2 minutes. Total time should not exceed 2 minutes.

Wabo®SiliconeSeal is a dynamic two part sealant designed for horizontal expansion joints on bridges. The material is low modulus, cold applied, self-leveling sealant that is capable of accommodating movements of +100/- 50% of the joint opening at time of installation.

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The Wabo®SiliconeSeal is a two part silicone sealant that requires NO Primer. Proper recommendation of the substrate is required for a good bond.

A closed-cell expanded polyethylene foam rod approximatley 25% larger in diameter than the joint gap is recommended. This type of backer rod is non-gassing and prevents air bubbles from forming within the material.