Record-breaking engineering on display in Cleveland's innerbelt

Recognized as a vital transportation route for downtown Cleveland, Ohio, the westbound George V. Voinovich Bridge was built using the exclusive Design Build Process. This innovative bridge on the I-90/Innerbelt Freeway was conceived to replace the aging Innerbelt Bridge, built in 1959.

The Ohio Department of Transportation, with Watson Bowman Acme, worked with a Design/Build team to provide three custom Wabo®Modular expansion joints for the bridge. These large movement modular systems are key in creating a more sustainable
bridge design, protecting and lengthening the expected life span of the structure. The massive joints, manufactured up to an astounding 110 feet in length, allow for movements up to 30 inches. Their design permits the bridge to accommodate constant heavy traffic loads while allowing the structure's natural movement to occur.

A testament to the engineering and manufacturing prowess of WBA, this project - at the time of its completion - holds the title of "longest ever modular joint system on a Design/Build structure."