WBA takes on the Tunnel market with new line of proven products

Southern California is no stranger to traffic congestion and the environmental impact that goes along with it. In 2008, Los Angeles County funded 12 transit projects, one of which was the 8.5-mile-long Crenshaw / LAX Transit Corridor, aimed to divert traffic from roadways and significantly reduce auto emissions. This new Metro Rail will serve the Crenshaw district, Inglewood, Westchester, and surrounding areas with eight stations.

In 2017, Watson Bowman Acme partnered with Trelleborg, and international leader in the Tunnel industry. Together, they formed a powerhouse of engineering excellence that provides the market with tunnel gaskets, seals and waterstops. The Omega Seal was specified in this Crenshaw / LAX Line because of its superior watertightness, ability to withstand large multidirectional movements, and 100-year life.

This project was led by joint venture GCs Walsh / Shea Corridor Constructors, and when they were faced with a tight timeline to supply the eight Omega Seals, WBA was able to react quickly and fill this order for all eight stations. Seals were successfully installed in March 2018, and WBA continues to showcase leadership in waterproofing and movement by taking on new challenges in the Tunnel Market.

Products Used

Trelleborg® Omega Seal - Versatile tunnel seal suitable for extreme movements