Reputation and diverse solutions bring WBA back to DIA

In 1995, Denver International Airport (DIA) opened its terminals for the first time, adding much-needed airport capacity to the Denver area. For the project, Watson Bowman Acme provided a number of expansion joint solutions, many of which are still in pristine condition over 20 years later.

Given that track record, it’s no surprise that when a massive addition to the airport was announced, RSI – the contractor on the original build – chose WBA once again to provide expansion joint solutions. A diverse set of joint requirements accompanied the diverse set of new additions, which included a new Hotel and Transit Center, a commuter rail, new parking decks, new roadways and baggage transportation. To meet these needs, WBA brought Wabo® solutions from all three of its market sectors - Parking, Bridge and Architectural Buildings – to the table.

On top of selecting joints from its standard catalog, WBA utilized its in-house engineering team to design a custom solution for the airport plaza deck, working hand-in-hand with the architect. At the end of the day, WBA was able to use its diverse product line and engineering capabilities to meet all expansion joint needs at DIA.