WBA invited back for new round of projects after 14 years

In 2002, unique loading requirements at Detroit Airport (DTW)'s McNamara Parking Garage led to the development of Watson Bowman Acme's innovative Wabo®BusTuff expansion joint. This new design championed a recessed joint, allowing DTW's rental car buses - with larger loads and higher speeds than typical garage traffic - to pass over them without incurring excessive wear and tear (and maintenance cost) on the joints.

These same systems continue to work a decade and a half after their installation.

Jump forward to 2016 and WBA was once again chosen to provide expansion joints for the McNamara garage. As part of their annual maintenance contract, DTW needed to rehabilitate a number of existing joints. After examining the needs of those joints, WBA recommended Wabo®SafetyFlex for its sound attenuation, durability and pedestrian friendly, slip-resistant properties. WBA offered to demo 30 feet of the product on one of the garage's circular ramps, and after positive feedback from DTW, the project was put out to bid and Wabo®SafetyFlex was chosen as the joint for this project. The installations began in 2016, and are helping to make the McNamara garage a quieter, safer place for vehicles and pedestrians alike.