Wabo® brand expansion joints rise to the challenges of this unique structure

Sitting 900ft above the Colorado River, this four-lane arch bridge, officially named the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, is the first concrete-and-steel composite arch bridge built in the U.S. It has the widest concrete arch in the Western Hemisphere and is the second highest bridge in the nation.

Designed to last over 100 years, this structure will need to endure long-term temperature and weather changes, vehicular weight and movement, and seismic activity. Because of Watson Bowman Acme's expertise in dealing with these challenges, their expansion joints were chosen as an integral part of the solution.

WBA's large Wabo®Modular expansion joints are field proven under the toughest bridge conditions in the world. Their durability, flexibility (needed to absorb seismic shock) and track record meant they were the ideal solution for this project. Wabo®StripSeal joints were also selected for the bridge approaches.

Additionally, WBA's in-house engineering and manufacturing teams worked hand-in-hand with the construction team to fabricate custom steel handrails for the pedestrian walkways.