The Interstate-74 Mississippi River Bridge was part of a 1.2 billion dollar reconstruction program that included 8 miles of road within both Iowa and Illinois. As part of the project, the number of lanes expanded from two to four. The Illinois Department of Transportation and Iowa Department of Transportation co-own the project including 3,405-feet of road in parts of both states.

Watson Bowman Acme manufactured custom expansion joint systems as a project solution, located on Pier 12 on both eastbound and westbound structures. Lunda Construction Company installed Wabo® Modular joints with a 21" joint movement range. Wabo®Modular expansion joints are meant for the toughest bridge conditions. They are designed to last longer than the competitor and were specified because they are watertight, durable and versatile.

Additionally, Civil Constructors and HELM group installed Wabo®Fingerjoints in 6 different locations along the bridge. This systems sustains heavy impact for long periods of time, one of the most important criteria for this bridge's functionality due to its vehicular load.