Pre-assembled Wabo® seismic joints underline safety, quick installation and easy maintenance

The Presidio Parkway Project is the first transportation P3 in the State of California. Completed in 2015, the project is a seismic design upgrade of the former Doyle Drive entrance to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Watson Bowman Acme provided expansion joints for the new northbound viaduct.

Caltrans Type I seismic plate joint systems were specified for this project, while additional movements and system demands required the use of Caltrans Type II seismic plate joint systems with modified Wabo®MDM TransFlex molded segmental panels. Seismic gaps ranged from 8 3/4" to over 3 feet. The joint design permits access from the underside, allowing full and safe entry for maintenance inspections, as well as the ability for faster and safer replacement of components if needed. To assist the contractor and ensure critical internal system interfaces were maintained, each system was fully pre-assembled prior to shipment. By doing this, WBA spared the contractor from holding critical geometry from panel to panel and across each panel. This process expedited the overall installation time.