Inspection Services from Watson Bowman Acme

After offering over 70 years of expertise in the design, testing, supply, installation oversight, and maintenance of expansion joint systems, Watson Bowman Acme proudly offers Inspection Services.

We partner with Owners, Contractors, and the Design Community to thoroughly examine existing conditions and provide an objective assessment of expansion joint conditions as required by law or Owner request.

  • Bridge and Highway
  • Parking Structures
  • Stadiums
  • Building interiors and exteriors

Through the use of sophisticated non-destructive testing equipment, our experienced Inspectors provide a holistic picture of the expansion joint condition not only on visually accessible surfaces, but substrate and surrounding conditions.

In most cases, small repairs made to problem areas fend off major repairs or safety issues encountered by the public. Our inspection reports pinpoint suggested repair areas to minimize disruption to access and minimize the cost of maintenance.