The WBA Technical Services team is like no other.

To say that they are passionate about what they do is an understatement. Comprised of former contractors and installers, together boasting more than 50 years of field experience, there’s no better team of experts in the industry from which to learn proper installation techniques, tips, and tricks.

On Site Supervision

Let our experts join your team on the job site to assist with installing Wabo® brand expansion joints in the safest, most skillful and efficient way, for maximum sustainability of your structure.


It’s no wonder that the Watson Bowman Acme Technical Services team are the most sought-after experts in the industry. There is a lot that goes into the perfect installation – from suitable measuring of joint openings and understanding movements and tolerances, to proper expansion joint selection, and concrete repair through installation and maintenance. Let us customize a training for your team to ensure their success on future projects.

  • Large or small groups
  • In person or virtual
  • Hands-on experience
  • Tips and tricks for increased efficiency
  • Troubleshooting